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CryptoRave 2017 Teaser


The new teaser for CryptoRave 2017 is out, featuring a model created by the Blender community: Animegirl_Leadwolf, by sowrdsd. Motion capturing was made by Angelo ‘gelo’ Benetti and mocap model is Nathalia Watanabe.

The CryptoRave is a mix between a cryptoparty and a cryptography for human rights defenders conference made to last 24h. This video ends the teaser trilogy started in 2015 and shows how to acquire super powers with the use of few tools. Dematerialize yourself.

Video tutorial + New functions for the Blender Velvets

The Blender Velvets have finally a long video tutorial on how to edit video with Blender using the Velvets addons! The video is divided into two parts: downloading/configuring Blender and installing the addons; and the actual editing.

Thanks for João Lacerda, a friend from Rio de Janeiro, who had the patience to sit besides me and ask pertinent questions about video editing in general. We tried the approach of having someone with video editing experience in other software (Final Cut) so that the general common doubts could pop up along the explanation – this made the tutorial richer as real-world issues were raised all the time, even if we were half asleep after having a long night in São Paulo.

The tutorial is currently only in Portuguese (sorry), but it should be easy to follow along because all the shortcuts we used are on the screen, both in Portuguese and in English. We can try and do an English version or subtitle it in English if there is some help/interest of the community. Feedbacks are welcome.


New functions for Velvet Goldmine

The Blender Velvets are currently being used in training four new Jongo leaderships – most of whom come from traditional quilombo lands – and a cultural hotspot in Rio de Janeiro that has a cinema project in the favelas. If you don’t know what Jongo is, you should definitely watch this video.

For this training, we added four new functions for Velvet Goldmine/Velvet Shortcuts. Now you can Deinterlace (Ctrl+Shift+I) and Remove Deinterlace (Ctrl+Alt+I) all selected strips and Delete joining the resulting strips (Ctrl+Delete).

Videos that have been transcoded with ffmpeg such as the ones made by Velvet Revolver have exactly one audio frame more than their video strips. This makes it very inconvenient to drag them around when you import them, since you’d have to select first one, then the other – especially if you import lots of videos at once to your timeline. To correct this behaviour, select them and use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D to remove this extra audio frame.


Changes in Space Sequencer

The Playback menu comes originally from the Timeline window in Blender. Since we don’t need to use this window with the Space Sequencer modified interface, the “Audio Scrub” and the “Follow” menu items were brought directly to the Video Sequence Editor for convenience. The “Use backdrop” function was also added to this menu to save space.


Blender Velvets updated for Blender 2.78


At the end of September 2016, Blender has released it 2.78 version, with very few updates in what concerns the Video Sequence Editor (VSE). Actually, with one update: now, when you toggle between showing/hiding the audio waveforms in the timeline (‘W’ or ‘Alt+W’ in Velvet Goldmine), Blender either shows the strip’s information or the clear waveform, without the text above.

This is great because it solves the oddity of having to zoom incredibly in to check if that cut you want to make is over any random audio you wanted in or out of the cut. Little by little, the VSE is improving!

Regarding the Velvets, there are two updates:

  1. When implementing support for h264 in Velvet Revolver, I used ffmpeg’s “ultrafast” preset for the operation. It turns out that preset was skipping whatever unkown thing in the transcoding world and ProRes422 files that came from Final Cut Pro were having trouble playing in Blender, achieving lower playback FPS than they should. The “ultrafast” is dropped and now things are smooth again.

  2. Some time ago, we reported a bug while changing the strip’s channel in the timeline. Even though the bug was considered fixed, well… the error was still there so I decided to solve it via re-writing the code for this function in Velvet Goldmine (“Alt+DownArrow”). Happy this is also working properly now.

Enjoy. =)