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Blue Velvet tested OK for Blender 2.73a

Blue Velvet tested OK for Blender version 2.73a with Ardour 3.5.403 and FFmpeg 2.5.3.

There’s also an improvement on the way the addon reads the strips on the timeline – if user would have changed the strip’s name to anything that didn’t have an extension (such as “my_audio” instead of audio.wav or audio_repeated.002), the script would throw the error “ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack”. This behaviour is now fixed. Thanks Bilka from France for pointing this out!

Updating Blue Velvet is recommended.

Modified Space Sequencer is ready for Blender 2.73 and 2.73a

Modified Space Sequencer is now ready for Blender versions 2.73 and 2.73a.

There is also change on the way Effects are shown on the monitor view – they had been previously incorporated on the “Strip Data” panel nut now they have their own section. Order of the sections on the panel has also changed for viewing improvement. They are now shown as Strip Data > Effect Strips > Sequencer Modifiers > etc. See the differences below:


Major update on Velvet Revolver

Major update on Velvet Revolver: now you can have any combination of extensions you want for full_res and proxy files as long as they are recognized as video extensions by Blender.

Currently, they are the following: ‘.mov’, ‘.flc’, ‘.mpg2’, ‘.xvid’, ‘.avi’, ‘.mp4’, ‘.mpeg’, ‘.m2v’, ‘.flv’, ‘.m4v’, ‘.m2t’, ‘.mv’, ‘.vob’, ‘.mkv’, ‘.ts’, ‘.divx’, ‘.avs’, ‘.wmv’, ‘.ogg’, ‘.mpg’, ‘.ogv’, ‘.dv’, ‘.movie’, ‘.webm’, ‘.mts’, ‘.mxf’, ‘.m2ts’, ‘.r3d’.

This means you can mix a full_res.mkv with a proxy.avi proxy file, for example and all should go well.

Of course, as described at Velvet Revolver’s page, it is always recommended to stick to ProRes422 or MJPEG codecs when editing (for both full_res and proxy files) because using any intra-frame codec can be tricky – especially while mixing them. Theoretically, there’s great chance of losing frame precision when toggling between the proxy and/or full_res files, so be warned. If you’re going to do that, make tests before trying to edit a monster video.

Updating Velvet Revolver is recommended.

Blender 2.73 is out


Blender version 2.73 is out with some interesting changes to the Sequencer. The Blender Velvets addons will be updated soon to reflect those changes, but while you wait there are some other news.

The Gooseberry Open Movie Project published a video showing new updates in Blender VSE that are being made for the project and that will be incorporated on the main version. Check out below.

Update on Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet has been tested and works succesfully with Blender 2.72b and Ardour 3.5.403.

Even though this is the first time Blue Velvet is tested in a year, this is just a routine update check. There’s no need to reinstall the addon.

With this, all of the Blender Velvets addons have been checked and/or readapted for Blender 2.72b, finishing the updates for this version.

Update on Velvet Goldmine

“Strips – Adjust to Cursor” and “Strips – Adjust to Start” now behave like we expect them to, fixing an odd scattering that happened when moving the strips around. This is a cosmetic change because both functions were fully functional, but it is always good to see exactly what you want to see happening in the timeline instead of some strips changing channels.

Reinstall of Velvet Goldmine is optional.