Blender Velvets updated for Blender 2.79

The Blender Velvets are ready for Blender 2.79!

Blender 2.79 was released with few new improvements related to the Video Sequence Editor. Actually, two: (1) it’s now easier to choose between formats to export your video at the Render screen and (2) there are tabs in the panels around the VSE. That’s it.

Regarding the Velvets, here are release notes:

Shortcut for Velvet Revolver function “Proxy_Editing_ToProxy”, responsible for changing full-res videos paths to proxies paths has changed from Crtl+Alt+P to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P.

Are you feeling brave? Velvet Revolution is being cooked in the oven and is probably almost ready. Revolution allows you to back up your projects in smaller size than if you kept all videos and audios in your computer. The addon recognizes the cuts in your timeline, then fetches only those videos, audios and images to back up, ignoring the rest. This back up will consist of your cuts, not of your original videos, reducing the backup size. You can choose a margin between the cuts (default is 2 seconds) in case you may need to do a new future render with minor differences.

This new addon is inspired by a function Final Cut has (or has had) and which name I still have to find out. Velvet Revolver at this stage is to be considered EXPERIMENTAL, so double check your cuts after using it and before discarding any of the original data. Feedback is appreciated.

How to download it? At the moment, I’m still running some tests, so you can get it directly from its the Velvet Revolution branch at the Blender Velvets GitHub. It should work fine for video, audio and image strips, but tests must be made for metastrips and effect strips. Documentation will follow up whenever time allows for it.



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