Blender Velvets updated for Blender 2.78


At the end of September 2016, Blender has released it 2.78 version, with very few updates in what concerns the Video Sequence Editor (VSE). Actually, with one update: now, when you toggle between showing/hiding the audio waveforms in the timeline (‘W’ or ‘Alt+W’ in Velvet Goldmine), Blender either shows the strip’s information or the clear waveform, without the text above.

This is great because it solves the oddity of having to zoom incredibly in to check if that cut you want to make is over any random audio you wanted in or out of the cut. Little by little, the VSE is improving!

Regarding the Velvets, there are two updates:

  1. When implementing support for h264 in Velvet Revolver, I used ffmpeg’s “ultrafast” preset for the operation. It turns out that preset was skipping whatever unkown thing in the transcoding world and ProRes422 files that came from Final Cut Pro were having trouble playing in Blender, achieving lower playback FPS than they should. The “ultrafast” is dropped and now things are smooth again.

  2. Some time ago, we reported a bug while changing the strip’s channel in the timeline. Even though the bug was considered fixed, well… the error was still there so I decided to solve it via re-writing the code for this function in Velvet Goldmine (“Alt+DownArrow”). Happy this is also working properly now.

Enjoy. =)

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