The Blender Velvets are ready for Blender 2.76!

The Blender Foundation recently updated Blender for its 2.76 version, and the Blender Velvets are up for it! Updates should be done as usual: just download and run the program, install the addons according to our documentation and be happy. Ardour is currently on version 4.4.0 and FFmpeg is currently at 2.8.1.


New features in VSE

Two new interesting features regarding the Video Sequence Editor (VSE) are worthy noticing.

First, it is now possible to insert simple texts into the video directly from the VSE, and even exporting those to .srt format. It’s a cool addition and a very requested one by video editors, but to me this is not the main thing to notice.  The text effect seems the first implementation (which is great!) of something that probably will evolve and become more complex with time.

The second one is something anyone who has finished editing and started color grading for final render using modifiers will recognize immediately as extremely useful.

You can now select one single strip, add your modifiers to it (say, curves or color balance) and… copy those modifiers to all other selected strips you want! This is just awesome and incredibly time-saving. No more trying to find that exact spot on your curve to correct the white balance on similar footage to the one you just corrected!

Actually, this addition is so incredible for video makers that it’s surprising it’s not even listed on the overall list of new features.

Well, now you know it. Have fun!

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