the Blender Velvets

Glamorous new functions for video editing in Blender VSE.
To be used with lots of glitter.

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If it’s not for getting into drag
and going out the streets,
it’s better to stay home

Blender is famous as a tool for 3D animation. What is less known, though, is that you can use addons and transform it into a complete suite for 2D video editing. Actually, you don’t even have to install the program to use it, making it the perfect portable tool – you can have a working environment in a couple of minutes, wherever you may be. This website is dedicated to help you do just that: to put some makeup in Blender so that it can be played at maximum volume.


Why Blender? Stable, well developed and mantained, free and open source (FOSS) and working on any OS, the program has been tested successfully as video editor in complex projects.

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The first time can make you gasp, so get swiftly on the right track. Learn how to configure the program and save its startup preferences for a better video editing experience.

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It’s always good to have the right info organized and at hand at all times. Learn how to install the modified Blender interface to improve video monitoring and color grading.

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Add a little bit of color

Use the Blender Velvets to spice up the mix

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Clean your fix

With the Velvet Revolver, you can generate proxies for the contents of a whole folder and, if you want, full-res copies of your footage in ProRes or MJPEG to equalize the FPS.

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Style always wins

With the Velvet Goldmine and its corresponding set of shortcuts, 14 defaults hotkeys are changed and 38 new functions are added to make editing faster and more intuitive.

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Meet the Diva

With the Blue Velvet, you can export the audio timeline of your Blender project to a format that will be read by Ardour, recognizing all your cuts for proper audio treatment.

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